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Be more productive, focused & alert with On Switch 2.0

Mocha Flavor

Drop into flow state

Immediate mood boost

We formulate our all-natural nootropic for creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Unlock your full potential and get into “the zone” with one simple scoop.

  • Pure & potent natural ingredients

  • Put a rocket under your productivity

  • Loved by life’s winners

  • One Scoop And You’re In The Zone

    When you switch on, everything clicks. Your mind is sharp. You make things happen. People take notice.

    Hit Peak You In 3 Simple Steps:

    • Start your day with a single scoop of On Switch 2.0

    • Mix with water, coffee, your favorite smoothie, or whatever beverage you like!

    • Drink, enjoy, and get your switch on. You’ll be more productive than ever. 

    Tastes great with almost anything 

    Mix on Switch 2.0 into your favorite beverage or smoothie.

    Find your flow state 

    Stay sharp and focused for hours with no jitters or crashes

    100% Natural

    Natural, fully tested & safe ingredients.

    Instant mood-boosting effect

    Feel energized and alert within minutes.

    top Rated by 1500+ happy customers

    Our Secret? The Unique Combination Of 10 Natural & Potent Ingredients

    We carefully selected the ingredients for their mood-boosting and focus-enhancing properties.


    Boosts the production of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine – brain chemicals directly linked to improvements in your mood.

    Mucuna Pruriens 15%

    Contains natural neurotransmitters that stimulate your body’s dopamine production, helping to elevate mood and energy levels.


    Plant-based compounds that sharpen your mind by enhancing thinking, learning, and memory.

    Alpha GPC 50%

    A compound produced naturally in your body that’s associated with an increase in memory and cognition.


    Natural adaptogen that stimulates your body's resistance to emotional stressors. Combats fatigue, anxiety, depression, and stress.


    Amino acid sourced from tea and mushrooms. Increases the production of dopamine and fuels improvements in your focus and cognitive function.


    Combats feelings of anxiety and depression and can help to boost your overall mood.


    Packed with vitamin B3, an essential building block for your overall health, especially for healthy brain function.

    On switch 2.0 is For Winners & Go-Getters

    Blended to get entrepreneurs and creators in the zone and help them stay there. See how it works.

    All-Day Focus

    Instantly boost your cognitive powers, then stay sharp all day long.

    Hit 100%

    Reach 100% of your goals in 50% of the usual time.

    Creative Boost

    Enjoy a nearly endless stream of motivation and creativity.

    top Rated by 1500+ happy customers

    Wait... Isn’t this just like coffee?

    Nope, Not At All. Here’s The Difference

    On Switch 2.0

    Feeling of calm, energy, and productiveness – for hours

    Releases happiness hormones that boost your mood

    Made from natural ingredients that your brain & body love


    Short-lived energy spike then you crave another cup

    Inevitable crashes & jitters leave you feeling drained

    Caffeine’s addictive as hell and bad for you too

    30 day Money back guarantee

    top Rated by 1500+ happy customers

    Here’s What Real On Switch Users Are Saying

    1000’s of innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators love On Switch 2.0. See for yourself.

    Ron W.

    I am telling you this is a game changer I took it this morning and finished all my tasks in half time... I never felt so motivated.

    Verified customer

    Todd Murphy

    Started my morning with a jolt in my coffee with on switch.

    Verified customer

    Dane Fuller

    Moran on Youtube + smoothie made with Lil Bucks and On switch = a good start of the day.

    Verified customer

    Frequently Asked questions

    Want more info? You can find it here. 

    Is On Switch 2.0 Safe?

    Yes! On Switch 2.0 is manufactured and packaged in the USA in FDA-approved facilities. We work with nutrition experts and testing labs to develop 100% safe & quality products.

    What’s The Best Time Of Day To Take On Switch 2.0

    On Switch 2.0 is best taken once daily, preferably in the morning to kick off your day as a boss!

    How Do I Use On Switch 2.0?

    Easy! Just add it to your coffee, water, or smoothie. Stir until you achieve the perfect texture, then enjoy your instant energy boost!

    How many servings are inside a pack of on switch 2.0?

    Each pack contains 150g, which is enough for 30 servings.

    What makes On Switch 2.0 different from other nootropics ?

    There are many nootropics on the market, but On Switch 2.0 is different. Why? Because, unlike with other products, our users tell us they experience absolutely no jitters or crashes. Instead, they get an instant boost of focus and energy that lasts all day long

    Is On Switch 2.0 Pregnancy-Safe?

    Yes! You can take On Switch 2.0 duringyour pregnancy.

    What's the total amount of caffeine On Switch 2.0 has?

    On Switch 2.0 has Caffeine Anhydrous at 60mg.

    top Rated by 1500+ happy customers

    Get The Daily Boost You Need To Function At Your Peak

    Dial up your performance levels and hit your goals out of the park with On Switch 2.0.