Serial Entrepreneur Creates “The  Switch” For Turning On Your A-game

Introducing ON Switch The Pre-work Supplement Blended Specifically To Get Entrepreneurs And Creatives Into The Zone.

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When you started in business, you got in Turning On Your A-game

You pay to play, and you play to get paid. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Some days you’re up and some days you're down. Some days you’re “on” and some days you're “off”.

The only problem is you sometimes feel like you have no control over which way things go… Sometimes you just can’t turn it on, and you can’t turn it around. Sometimes it can be hard to flip the switch from “off” to “on”, sometimes it can be hard to swing the momentum from losing to winning.

And that’s ok. In fact, that’s business and that’s life. You can’t control everything, and you’re not supposed to. But, you can tip the scales. You can give yourself the edge. You can set up the conditions to almost guarantee you put some points on the board each time you show up to your work.

You can pull the right levers and starting now you can, flip...“The switch”.

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Meet "On Switch"

The all-natural nootropic designed and formulated specifically to get entrepreneurs into “the zone” with one simple scoop. On Switch is a unique blend of ten natural mood-boosting and focus enhancing compounds. It was specifically designed to facilitate an increase of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These are the “feel-good” hormones that are associated with better mood, greater focus, and increased interest. Basically stuff we want more of.

If Pre-workout is for the Gym, then On-Switch is for the Office

It all starts with priming the brain. It all starts with flipping the switch. It all starts by supporting and supplementing the brain's natural processes. The processes that prime your mind and body for focus, creativity, and execution.

It’s Time To Clear The Fog! Ever have those days when you sit down to work, and you just feel lost in the “brain fog”? Or you just can’t seem to stop feeling “bummed”? Or maybe you just pounded the coffee a bit too hard and now you just feel “frazzled”…

Well, it turns out there is a natural solution to these common problems and you don’t have to simply settle for them. On Switch is a unique first-time blend of all-natural ingredients specifically designed to “turn on” the human brain (but not in the way you think)

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Throw a scoop of On-Switch into your favorite beverage or smoothie start sipping, and you will begin to feel what we call “the switch” a simple transition from “monkey brain” to an almost immediate state of mild relaxation mixed with a calm “feel good” energy.

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Not Just Another Supplement...

On Switch is not just another supplement to add to your stack, it is your personal Switch to get mentally dialed in every time you need to work, create, or build inside of your business.

So What’s Actually In This Stuff?? Glad you asked, let's pull back the curtain and get a complete rundown of the On-Switch “Blend”, what it’s made of, and why.

100% Satisfaction Lifetime Guarantee

The 10 Ingredients

That Makes Up The On-Switch Supplement and Deliver The Results You Have Been Looking For!

An amino acid that helps the body build proteins and produce enzymes and thyroid hormones. Tyrosine assists the body’s production of neurotransmitters that help nerve cells communicate. Tyrosine plays an important role in the production of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine, brain chemicals that are directly linked to improvements in mood and sleep.

A natural compound, this bean-like plant is sought after as a natural source of levodopa (L-dopa) , an essential precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. Because of this characteristic Mucuna Pruriens is revered as a natural supplement for mood improvement and an increased sense of emotional wellbeing.

A widely used plant-based compound has been said to increase and enhance thinking, learning, and memory. Bacopa is reported to help with conditions like anxiety and ADHD and is often used for the improvement of overall cognitive function although the benefits although research is still largely anecdotal.

A dietary supplement (naturally produced in the body) that is used for improving brain function and is associated with increases in memory and cognition. Alpha - GPC is said to increase acetylcholine in the brain which is important for memory and learning functions

A natural adaptogen used to stimulate the body’s resistance to emotional stressors. Rhodiola is claimed to combat fatigue, anxiety, depression, and stress.

An amino acid sourced from tea and or mushrooms. Similar to glutamate, theanine is thought to help transmit nerve impulses in the brain. It is typically consumed orally for an increase in the production of dopamine and improvements in focus and cognitive function.

Caffeine sourced from unroasted coffee beans which means it contains less caffeine than typical coffee. It is often hailed as a healthier way to consume caffeine while still obtaining the benefits of energy, focus, and improved mood

A natural compound derived from the South African herb called Sceletium. Widely revered as the “feel good” herb it is used as a supplement to combat feelings of anxiety and depression and more generally as a tool to boost overall mood.

A specific source of Vitamin B3. B3 is an important ingredient for overall health and more specifically as a building block for brain health/function and healthy mood.

Lion's Mane is a mushroom widely regarded for its nootropic-like qualities. It is said to improve and protect nerve function and combat conditions such as anxiety, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s.

Our Clients Love Flipping the



On-switch is your instant fix for “foggy” days. Order now and get special beta tester pricing!

So yeah, we’re pretty fired up over this and can’t wait to hear what you think.

The only thing is we only have so much of this stuff. You see we just produced our first batch and to be totally honest we know it can be better. So here is the deal, the good and the bad.

The Good News is right now you can literally try On Switch for a fraction of the retail price. You’ll only pay $19.99 instead of $49.99 (That's more than 50% OFF!) That’s right we are currently selling the first batch “at cost” which means we don’t make anything on it… and that might sound silly but hold on. You see the thing is we don’t want to just win the short game and make a few bucks, we want to win in the long game, and that means doing our very best to get this product into the hands of entrepreneurs like you and then hear what you have to say about it. That’s right, we want and need your feedback.

The Bad News is there is currently a limited quantity available, a few hundred to be honest, and when they are gone, they are gone. Plus, this first formula tastes awful (You might want to mask the taste with some coffee or protein powder). While we believe we’re really close with the ingredients and the results… for most people, the actual taste needs some work.

So if you want to try On-Switch now, and experience what your “On” feels like then you can grab your very own one month supply right here.

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